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Terms & Conditions

1. What is the purpose of Terms & Conditions of Rika Emas Loyalty Program? 

Rika Emas Sdn. Bhd. set-up a loyalty program to reward our customers with exclusive rewards and receive feedbacks from our customers regarding our stores' customer service, product quality, and web-integrated systems. 

This terms & conditions is designed to prevent abuse on our loyalty program and avoid creating confusion among members regarding our loyalty program's policy. 

Members need to ensure always abide to the stated terms & conditions and never misuse our loyalty program.

2. Privacy of members in Rika Emas Loyalty Program.

By collaborating with, a cloud-based loyalty system company located in USA and Singapore, our members' personal information and contact details are secured and can not be accessed by any third party at any instance. We take serious matter on privacy and will not allow abuse of private information.

3. Membership subscription policy and terms.

Every member of Rika Emas Loyalty Program are given a lifetime membership subscription without any charges. It is totally free and the only condition to meet for signing up for our membership is through purchase from our store. However, membership transfer is not allow at any time, meaning that your membership is only usable by your own and can not be transferred to anyone regardless family or friends.

Each member will receive a member card upon signing up for our loyalty program with a membership number on it. This is your personal membership number and is only for your use in Rika Emas during purchasing. 

4. Loyalty Program rewards terms & conditions.

To ensure no abuse was made, Rika Emas applies terms and conditions on each member when using their membership. Firstly, rewards can only be redeemed by the person whom name, mobile number and membership number match the information provided during registration. Secondly, membership transferral is strictly prohibited and has no negotiable method to carry out. Thirdly, each member bears their own responsibility for holding their own membership card. If the membership card was lost, stolen or damaged in any case, please contact us immediately to report the issue. Lastly, member who changes their mobile number needs to inform us immediately to ensure update on your membership details.

Aside from rewards terms and conditions, Rika Emas also implies another set of terms and conditions on our birthday rewards. Firstly, member needs to show their identity document (this can be either identity card, driver license, passport or birth certificate) with date of birth stated clearly on the document upon shopping with us during birthday month for redemption of their birthday reward. Secondly, the minimum purchasing weight is 2 grams per purchase for the member to claim for this birthday reward. Thirdly, this reward is available for the whole birthday month without purchasing limit, meaning that members can reuse this reward for unlimited times throughout their birthday month.

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